Skin care tips – Get set for summer

Get set for Summer.

Here are our 5 top tips for keeping a healthy summer glow.

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‘Make the most of the sunny season with our simple top tips to try at home.

By adding a few simple steps to your routine or being a little more mindful about what products you are using and why you can see huge benefits to your skin. Here’s how:

Stay hydrated:

This is an obvious one but by staying hydrated you really will see a difference in your skin. Try increasing your water intake by just an extra glass a day to start with. We recommend using a water bottle to be able to monitor how much water you are consuming each day.

Invest in a good sunscreen:

Invest in a good broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30. Reapply regularly, especially after swimming or sweating. And make sure you apply enough suncream on each application.

Don’t be tempted to rely on moisturisers that contain SPF , these two products do a separate job and so should always be separate to maximise the benefits of each product. To ensure maximum benefit to your skin we suggest layering – firstly your moisturiser, then SPF, followed by makeup. If wearing makeup with SPF it will be ok for short exposure for example your commute to work but if planning on being exposed to the sun for longer I would recommend layering as mentioned above. During the summer months, we would advise you to use a facial SPF every day, this way you won’t get caught out. remember is not just the UVB rays that we want to protect against it is UVA too which causes aging! There are some amazing SPFs available now that are designed for use on the face and are lightweight, non-greasy formulas, so it’s worth taking a look and finding one that works for you. Thalgo has developed their Peeling Marin Sunscreen SPF 50+ initially designed for use after a facial peel, hence the name, but it’s perfect for use all year round as a great UV barrier, it’s light non non-greasy and won’t block pores and it makes a perfect base for make-up.


Double Cleanse: 

Don’t forget to double cleanse your face, although a wash in the shower is refreshing your face needs a little more TLC. By Cleansing twice you will fully remove impurities and SPF. 

Ideally, you would use two types of cleaner for your double cleanse, firstly a cream or lotion cleanser and the second cleanse with a balm cleanser. However, if you prefer to use just one type of cleanser then just make sure you cleanse twice. 

For the removal of each cleanser we recommend using warm, damp flannels made of either muslin or soft cotton. As these will pick up and hold onto the make up and impurities that you are trying to remove from the skin more effectively than cotton wool.

Toner – This is another hydrating stage of the cleansing process. check what’s in your toner and make sure it’s not astringent as this will dry the skin out instead of holding on to the water. A good toner should aid your moisturiser.

All of the above will only take just a few minutes each day but will have a real benefit to your skin as by increasing the circulation, removing impurities and hydrating you are not only going to glow you are helping with the preventative aging too!   

Flip Flop ready feet:

It’s finally time to dust off the sandals and bear those toes! But how do you keep your feet in tip top condition? Regular professional pedicures are the best but to keep your feet smooth between visits we recommend investing in a foot scrub and cream or balm. A weekly foot scrub using a salt-based scrub and a nightly application of foot cream or balm will gently keep the rough skin at bay and keep the feet moisturised.

Avoid the temptation of those metal graters as they can do more damage than good. Always remember – by rapidly removing the thickened hard skin in this way it can cause quicker regrowth of the hard skin, as just like with a scab the body will go into overdrive to repair the area. so gently and consistently is our advice. 

Keep that ‘just polished’ look to your toenails by simply applying an additional layer of clear top coat each week over the top of the existing polish. 

incorporate a Scrub into your routine:

Once a week try using both a face and body scrub. This is to ensure you are removing all traces of SPF, other products and sweat helping to prevent breakouts and prickly heat rash. You may need a separate face exfoliator as some body scrubs are too abrasive for use on the face. Our Pink Boutique Rosehip face and body scrub can be used on both and is gentle and full of antioxidants. 

For skincare advice or help choosing the correct products for you, pop in to talk to one of our Spa Therapists or book a facial or body treatment.

How can I purchase a spa experience

At The Grange Spa we have tried to make it as easy as possible, you can book your spa experience online, check out our spa experiences, purchase a voucher or take a look at our facilities, we even have a snazzy video. A spa day is a great way to relax, reconnect or just take some much-needed time out.