Welcome to our new site! Keep a look out for new and exciting offers here at our award winning spa!

Our Facilities

Quiet room

Our tranquil lounge is the perfect place to sink into our welcoming sofas and embrace total relaxation. Close your eyes and drift away from your stresses and strains. There is access to our modest and beautifully furnished library, complete with an interesting selection of titles for your perusal

The spa bistro

Our food is lovingly prepared, homegrown and/or locally sourced by Chef Mike at The Catering Crew a small local business just 5 minutes down the road. Our food is supplied fresh on the morning of your arrival and needs to be ordered 48 hours prior to your visit. 

Spa shop

Our world-renowned product houses will captivate your senses, so feel free to browse at your leisure. Thalgo, Pinks Boutique and Jessica natural nail products are available to purchase and a qualified therapist is on hand to advise and recommend.

Treatment rooms

The treatment rooms are individually designed to fit into their surroundings. Each room is a private haven filled with fabulous finishing touches.

Health and fitness suite

A chance to revitalise, invigorate, increase fitness or function, work on injury prevention or sport-specific work, with cutting edge equipment and an interesting, modern layout. The gym has everything for your fitness needs in an energetic moment. There is also access to the grounds to get some fresh air and go for a refreshing walk.

Heat experiences

Designed and installed to the very highest standards by Schletterer Wellness and Spa Design our heat experiences will give you an unparalleled adventure into the world of relaxation. A warm, intriguing place to relax and unwind with many health benefits. Spa is a direct translation from the original Latin form "Salus Per Aquam” meaning health or relaxation through water.

Our heat experiences include:

  • Pool-waterfall -12 metre pool with soothing waterfall
  • Experience showers - experience something different - captivating aromas and refreshing mists and rain fall
  • Gem stone steam bath - delicately scented steam bath to warm and decongest
  • Herbal bath - delicately scented sauna to warm and relax, innovative design
  • Aroma bath - warming and detoxifying with a pleasant eucalyptus scent
  • Ice fountain - invigorating and refreshing stimulates your immune system

Relax by the pool, listen to the soothing sounds of rippling waters and restore your sense of serenity!