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Gym Membership

Welcome to your very own Private Gym.

We are offering a limited amount of gym memberships at The Grange Spa, just 25 are up for grabs. We will be restricting use to just three members at once (It is possible you will be sharing the space with spa guests or personal training clients). With less people around means more accessible kit, more accessible kit means greater gains, greater gains mean you will reach your potential.

You can sign up in person at the spa or online via this link please click here

You will book your time in the gym online via a private link that we will send you once you have signed up.

You will have access to all our facilities within our opening hours, whilst you are here we will provide you with a bath towel and sweat towel. Due to our spa guests we do need to limit this to two hours in the spa when you come.

When you arrive head to reception, check in and pick up your towel and locker key.

We can tailor your program according to a chosen sport, hobby, weight loss or specific goal.

We will be providing you with measurements, feedback and workouts.

We will help you make more sensible choices in what you eat and the lifestyle you live.

We will review your progress every 6 – 8 weeks.

You will get a 10 % discount on treatments, products and spa days *.

*Excludes seasonal promotions

The Costs:

  • £40 Joining Fee
  • £100 per month or £1200 per annum