Wellness Day

Wellness Day

The Grange Spa's Wellness Day 

22nd September 2019 

£190 per person

Our wellness day what is included:

Welcome drink on arrival
Use of a towel and robe for the duration of your visit
Practical workshops to help Body and Mind
Full use of our amazing facilities
Wellness inspired lunch created by Chef Mike from the Catering Crew to fuel and replenish
Complimentary Juice, fruit-infused water and herbal tea throughout the day to keep you well hydrated

Only 20 spaces are available for this unique wellness-inspired event.

Our Speakers And Workshops

Nicole Woodcock - Clinical Hypnotherapist

"How you can train your brain to work for you" - A look into how the brain works and why you feel the way you do. An informative and insightful way to get out of your own way and focus on the positives in life to create the outcomes that you want. Concluding with a 10-minute full body and mind relaxation. 

Lisa Gimenez-Codd - Personal Trainer and Women's health specialist

"Core Confidence secrets to inner strength and a flatter tummy" - In this interactive workshop Lisa will take you through

  • Exactly what (& where) is your core
  • How does your core strength change with different stages of womanhood (post-natal and menopause)
  • The role of your pelvic floor how to sneeze, cough and laugh with confidence
  • Unexpected factors that are affecting your core strength right now
  • Simple steps to a flatter tummy
Hayley Perkins - Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Inner Child Mentor 

"The Cycle of Change - The good the bad and the ugly!" - Hayley will be taking us through the different stages of change, what drives us through the cycle and what gets us stuck. An interactive workshop helping you through the different stages of change and how they relate to you. 

Steve Schofield - Level 4 Personal Trainer, Mobility and Rehabilitation Specialist

"Principles of mobility and end range conditioning" - Creating strength throughout your entire range of movement. 
What is mobility?

Mobility is essential to incorporate into your practice. Mobility and end range conditioning are defined as STRENGTH + CONTROL in order to expand upon usable ranges of motion, articular resilience (i.e. load-bearing capacity), and overall joint health. Prioritising these principles in your training, Prehab/Rehab program can be a huge game-changer!

By conditioning the joints to perform in long ranges, you can enhance your training, or prepare yourself better for whatever life has to throw at you. This interactive workshop will help you to create far more options in how to move, using a variety of progressions or regressions. With this system, you will have greater control over your joints and an enhanced musculo-skeletal system that can cope with everything that you throw at it.

Lunch provided by Sarah and Chef Mike from The Catering Crew

Your Hosts

Matt Craven - 20 years in the Health, Leisure and Hospitality Industry, Level 4 Personal Trainer, Endurance Athlete and Dad
Emma Craven - 16 years in the Beauty and Hospitality Industry, Beauty Therapist, Skin Specialist and Mum