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Spa at home. 5 steps to glowing skin.

How to give yourself a spa facial at home from Emma our spa manager.

Your skin is the biggest organ in the body and it is under constant environmental stress. Below I describe how to look after it in five easy steps...

Now with 8 weeks without professional facials, it's definitely time to take care of your skin, keeping up a regular skincare routine is key to keeping your skin in good condition and preventing unwanted skin concerns. There are 5 key steps to a facial:

1. Cleanse - This one is more important than most people realise

2. Exfoliate - Another important step to prep the skin

3. Facial massage - To plump and lift

4. Mask - As a booster

5. Moisturiser - To lock in the goodness

Let's think of facials in a slightly different way, instead of just steps that we follow we need to understand why we are doing each step and the effects it can have on the skin. We want to start by removing impurities by cleansing, my personal favourite cleansers are balm cleansers as they really lift the make-up, pollution, and grime from the skin without soaking in like a lotion can and you only use a small amount so they last ages. Double cleansing is a must before a facial to ensure the skin is completely clean and I would advise using a clean, damp flannel to remove your cleanser instead of cotton wool. Toner can be used after cleansing but just ensure that it's gentle on the skin, my favourite is rose water.

Exfoliating is such an important step too, think of the first two steps as prepping the skin to be conditioned by the following steps. Your facial scrub will remove dead skin from the surface and increase the circulation too, this will aid absorption of all the lovely nutrients you are about to drench the skin with. 

A simple facial massage at home every week will have such great effects on the skin. follow us on FaceBook my Saturday Night Spa videos will give you a step by step guide to facial massage at home. Massage will increase the blood flow to the skin bringing essential nutrients to the developing cells, this will help to plump fine lines and leave the skin with a glow. 

Facial masks can vary greatly and so depending on what your skin concerns are depends on what mask i would advise to use, i would recommend a skin consultation for this however, if in doubt always go for something hydrating, all skins are generally on the dehydrated side. Think of a facial mask as a intensive boost whether your wanting to detoxify or infuse moisture. Masks should be left on for 10-20 minutes then removed with a warm, damp flannel. toning again at this point with a gentle toner will continue the hydration and ensure that all the mask has been removed. 

Moisturising is something most of us do twice daily and not always seen as a treat but think of this step a little differently too. Your moisturiser should be something you want to put on your skin, something that you really feel a difference with, i'm not talking instant results more that comfort and glow. your moisturiser is like the icing on the cake keeping the cells underneath moist. 

Enjoy your home facial  

Em x